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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Robotic Knee Replacement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changing innovation which has revolutionized many industries. Healthcare is one such industry which has garnered tremendous benefits from it. It has enabled the use of AI-operated robots in surgeries and operations. Robotic knee replacement is one such surgery making the most of AI and reaping successful outcomes.

This article with the help of Mr. Kunal Patel, explores the role AI is playing in robotic knee replacement in Mumbai and in general in the orthopedic field:

1. Preoperative Planning:

AI-powered algorithms and machine learning techniques help in planning and assessing robotic knee surgery. Preoperative imaging data such as MRIs and CT scans is analyzed by AI algorithms and the patient’s knee condition is evaluated. The abnormalities are identified and 3D models of knee joint are generated. This helps surgeons in formulating the surgical strategies, choosing appropriate knee implant size and achieving the optimal positioning of the implant.

2. Surgical Navigation and Guidance:

AI assists in providing real-time navigation and guidance to surgeons while operating the patient. The MRIs and CT scans along with the intraoperative data create virtual roadmap understanding the patient’s knee’s autonomy. Surgeons can make use of it to correctly place the implant, make correct bone cuts and ensure precise alignment. It enhances surgical accuracy and probability of error is reduced.

3. Decision Support:

AI can analyze vast data be it patient’s medical history, pre operative imaging and outcomes of surgery. AI provides intelligent support to surgeons in suggesting implant size, customized surgical plans and other adjustments as per patient’s health condition. It helps in achieving optimal results.

4. Personalized Postoperative care:

AI-operated devices worn by patients can monitor patient’s movement patterns and recovery progress. It can assist in post operative care by providing personalized rehabilitation and recovery plans, measure recovery milestones achieved by patient and also alert the surgeons in case some complications arise.

5. Data Research and Improvements:

AI accumulates worldwide knee surgeries data and use this database for research. It analyzes the patterns, trends and correlations. The research contributes to advancements and improvements in surgical field. Improvements in implants, surgical procedure etc. are suggested by AI.

Artificial Intelligence in robotic knee surgery has improved the precision, planning and patient care in orthopedic field. Preoperative planning, surgical navigation, decision support, postoperative recovery, and data research are all facilities offered by AI which optimizes the overall surgery and patient experience. AI continues to improve the collaboration between human expertise and intelligent systems and promises a brighter orthopedic experience.

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