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Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery vs Traditional Surgery: A Comparison of Outcomes and Benefits

When it comes to orthopedic surgeries, patients are presented with two main options – traditional surgery and robotic orthopedic surgery. While both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, robotic surgery in Mumbai is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances. This article aims to compare and contrast traditional and robotic orthopedic surgery in Mumbai by examining the outcomes and benefits of each.

Traditional orthopedic surgery has been used for many years and involves the surgeon making an incision, manipulating the joint manually, and using manual instruments to complete the procedure. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and can take several hours depending on the complexity of the surgery.

In contrast, robotic orthopedic surgery uses advanced technology to assist the surgeon in performing the procedure. The surgeon operates a robot equipped with specialized instruments to complete the procedure, and the robot is guided by the surgeon, who has complete control over its movements. The robot’s instruments are designed to be more precise and accurate than manual ones, resulting in a smoother and less invasive procedure.

Traditional orthopedic surgery has a high success rate and has been proven effective for many orthopedic conditions. It is also cost-effective and widely available at most hospitals and can be performed by many surgeons. However, it is often more invasive and can result in a longer recovery time.

Robotic orthopedic surgery offers increased precision, allowing the surgeon to make precise movements with the robot’s instruments, resulting in a smoother and less invasive procedure. It often results in a faster recovery time compared to traditional orthopedic surgery and minimal scarring due to the robot’s minimally invasive instruments. However, it is typically more expensive than traditional orthopedic surgery.

Ultimately, the choice between traditional and robotic orthopedic surgery depends on the patient’s needs and preferences. If considering robotic surgery in Mumbai, it is important to research and find a qualified and experienced surgeon who can help make an informed decision.

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